Baluch Balisht, SE Persia, 19th C., 1'5" x 2'5"

The overall tile-like patterning seen here represents a ‘design type’ but is hardly commonplace.

The border design is unusual though, it, too, represents a ‘type’ that is not often seen – possibly a stylized dragon motif. 

While missing a bit off the top end and with fraying selvedges on the right side (see overall image) the condition is really not bad considering this was apparently used, accounting for the damage to the selvedges.
Balisht are thought to have been pillow covers, made in pairs for marriages, and in situ, are stuffed with cotton (or feathers).  They often appear with wear in one spot on the selvedge as they were apparently stuffed and ‘unstuffed’ over time, perhaps during migrations?

The condition is apparent in the photos, but there are no holes or repairs and all the colors are derived from natural dyes.

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