Baluch Animal Trapping/Band, SE Persia, 19th C., 4" x 8'8"

No one has satisfactorily explained or depicted the exact function of these bands but it is safe to assume they served some special function, perhaps adorning animals for wedding ceremonies or special holidays. Given there are relatively few examples in the marketplace, it is safe to believe they were reserved for special occasions.

Usually full pile, this example incorporates a soumac technique in addition to the more traditional pile technique. 

The colors appear to date this example as ‘earlier’ than most we see, including a clear grape/aubergine hue in addition to a pale golden color, atypical to the palette seen in most Baluch weavings from SE Persia.

Certainly not complete though it is quite long, the flat woven end is evident at only one  end.  There is some fraying of the selvedges as well, suggesting it was once rigorously used. 

The colors are all derived from natural dyes.

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