Beaded Fan, W. India (Gujarat/Rajasthan), circa 1920(?) , 8" x 8"

The marketplace has been saturated, literally, with commercial beadwork from west India. Due to the sheer population of the place as well as the industrious nature of the people with the demands of a time honored lifestyle of trade, there is no end to supply of this type of beadwork.

With that said, this example is different and apparently not made for market or the trade, nor as a touistt item for tourists. Purchased in Jodhpur (the 'blue city'), the owner of a small antique store in the bazaar insissted I follow him back to his establishment. He had seen me browsing other shops and guessed he might be able to produce something of interest. He did.

The designs reflect none of the Hindu mythology or gods that adorns 99% of the beadwork we see these days. With images of Ganesh or the monkey god, Hunuaman with the requisite tridents and flowering pots, this beadwork has been regarded in a rather cavalier fashion.

WIth camels, anthrpormorphic imagery accompanied by abstract geomentric shapes, the design pool is very different, seemingly a secular, village design rather than one deemed by Hinduism and the tourist market.

The condition is good, no breaks in the beadwork. The pink/majenta shade is unseen in later examples.

Price - $450 including domestic USA shipping


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