Veramin Bag, North/Central Persia, 19th C., 1'8" x 1'10"

A ‘complete’ Veramin bag, half of what was once a complete “khorjin” or donkey bag, with the flat woven back intact. 

The field design is unusual, one that is seldom encountered in bags and rugs from the Veramin region of N. Central Persia. 

The colors are wonderfully saturated and the random colors used in these stepped polygons imparts a real sense of movement.  The border, too, is unusual, seemingly adapted from flat woven items, reminiscent of that patterning seen in Afshar weavings?

The colors are all extremely saturated, and all derived from natural dyes. 

The condition is good, with no holes or repairs with the flat woven back completely intact.

Price - $1500 including domestic USA shipping.


For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole