Anatolian Kilim Fragment, west Anatolia (Aydin), 19th Century, 1’ 7” x 5’ 7”

Sometimes, one gets the feeling that as ancient as well as foreign as the design pool of Anatolian kilims may be that the aesthetic is somehow familiar given the number of kilims we see in the literature.   How often does one encounter a type that is truly different and seemingly unique.  To use the word “unique” is of course not accurate.  If we’ve seen a type that is “one of a kind”, there is always another one close behind that approximates the “unique” design we have only just discovered.

With that said, the pattern seen here is quite unusual, accentuated by the presence of eccentric wefting which imparts a liquid quality to a design that otherwise would be drawn with straight lines. 

The kilim is sewn onto a linen cloth backing and presently stretched over and attached to a wooden frame.  The colors are all derived from natural dyes.

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole