Yomud ‘Kap’, Central Asia, 19th Century, 2’3” x 1’

The ‘kap’ format for Turkmen weaving is one of the more interesting ones.  Woven by women for personal use, and not made for dowry, etc, these weavings display, for the most part, a completely different design pool from what we see in large weavings made for dowry.  

Often overlooked and discounted by the collector world, this weaving is an unusual example of merit, with an odd primary design element of unknown meaning, a classic minor and primary border drawn in a very unassuming manner, complete with the original flat woven plain weave back.

The condition is ok, there is some erosion at the top end but no other damage, no holes or repairs, original selvedges are intact.  All the colors are derived from natural dyes.

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole