Silk Embroidered Hat, Chodor Turkmen, Central Asia, late 19th C.

Central Asian embroidered hats of all types have been considered extremely collectible for some time now, but not among the traditional collectors of Turkmen material culture but instead with textile people.   This hat is not small, and was probably intended for an older person, not for a child.  Whether it is a woman’s hat or man’s is unclear, as we do not know enough details about life among the Chodor. 

The design pool, not unexpectedly, is much different than what we are accustomed to seeing among the embroideries of other Turkmen tribal groups.  So much of what the Chodor weave and embroider has a much different ‘look’ than corresponding textiles from other Turkmen groups, leading some in the past to speculate about their very association with and identification as “Turkmen”.

The condition is excellent and all the colors are derived from natural dyes.

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