Shahsevan Soumac Bag, Azerbaijan, 19th C., approx 2'4" x 1'10"

Some weavings seen to transcend their attribution which becomes unimportant when fully embracing the aesthetic.  This is a ‘happy’ weavings, with a lovely color combination (especially in the borders with the alternating red, blue yellow and green elements).  The elements in the field are familiar, bold cruciform type motifs that may be interpreted as talismans.   But the borders, top and bottom really serve to emphasize the power of the field motifs as well as contribute to that ‘happy’ feeling.

The colors are all derived from natural dyes.  The condition is very good, there is one small spot, perhaps a quarter of an inch wide in the field where there has been a small repair, otherwise no holes or other repairs/reweaves are visible.

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole