Uzbek(?) Pile Band, Central Asia, 19th C., 8" x 9' 4"

The pile bands of the non Turkmen Central Asian tribes were probably never used as “tent bands”, per se but rather in a decorative manner or possibly cut to size, sewn together along the long edges forming ‘rugs’ or a cover of some type.  There is a tradition in Central Asia to use segmented longer bands as floor coverings or hangings.

The design seen here echoes a motif seen in the borders of weavings attributable to the Saryk and Salor Turkmen, a border design that is thought to be an ‘old’ one.

The colors are all saturated and derived from natural dyes, and the condition is good, with some not unexpected wear (see detail images) but no repairs and whatever wear is apparent does not ‘disturb’ the eye.


For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole