Anatolian Kilim Fragment, Central Anatolia, circa 1800(?), 12’ 4” x 2’ 7”

The bold graphics, including larger and sparser than normal secondary and tertiary elements with blazing colors distinguish this example from others of the type.  The format is not atypical at all, but the manner in which it is executed identifies this as an older example of a familiar type. 

Labelled as “early 19th century” in the exhibition, Cathryn Cootner thought otherwise; she thought it must be earlier given the sparse ornamentation in the field surrounding the “elibelinde” elements in dark blue.  Some people have been tempted to identify such kilims as ‘safs’ but I am certain it is merely half of an entire kilim that, when displayed on the vertical axis, would consist of full octagonal medallions.

The condition is apparent in the photos, there is a significant amount of corrosion in the ‘niche’ like elements. 

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole