Baluch Prayer Rug, NE Persia (Khorassan), late 19th Century, 3’ x 5’ 9”

Baluch prayer rugs are another type of weaving from Persia and Afghanistan that I seldom represent.  Many seem to be contrived, ie. made for market with little of the tribal aesthetics to which I am drawn. 

But I like this one as the primary design element is very unusual.  Normally these weavings from Khorassan are not so colorful either, normally dominated by a blue/red palette or a camel wool/browny red hue. 

This example, though, is exceptionally colorful when one gets close to it.  The trees in the field, mihrab and hand panels is a very desirable design type, rare and seldom seen used as an overall pattern.

The condition is good, with no holes or repairs.  The colors are all derived from natural dyes.




For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole