Baluch Bag Face, W. Afghanistan, 19th C., 1'9" x 1'7"


Baluch rugs and weavings are not usually thought of as having the quality of color seen here. One would not expect Baluch weavings from NE Persia to display such a startling palette nor even the colorful weavings of the Sistan groups rivals the intensity seen here.

The design type is one erroneously attributed to the “Mushwani”, but in reality, there is no weaving group by this name. The term refers to the design with the visually dynamic latch hook medallion dominating the field.

The condition is actually pretty good, the flat woven closures at the top end are fragmented but no one buys a bag face based on the condition of these closures (or lack thereof). There is minimal wear in the field (see detail images of two ‘spots’) The colors are dynamic, and very saturated, all derived from natural dyes.




















































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