Baluch Embroidery, circa 1920(?), SE Persia/Baluchistan, 1’1” x 11”

A striking embroidery with a unique design, unique within the context of silk textiles from these tribal groups living in SE Persia and SW Pakistan (Baluchistan).  Such embroideries were originally made as small pouches, folded as one would do with an envelope and used to keep valuables.  This one has been opened up to show the design in its entirety, a design that is known only with the context of pile weaving and rarely seen balisht.  The stepped polygon design dominating the field is unusual and the highlights of silk embroidery radiating from this motif impart an electrifying visual presence. 

The condition is good, the colors are probably a combination of synthetic and natural dyes.

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole