Baluch Chanteh, NE Persia, 19th Century, 1’ x 2’1”

An extremely rare format for a Baluch chanteh, with vertical stripes containing the “sarkhalka” motif, a pattern seen throughout Central Asia as a secondary border on weavings of the Turkmen and some non Turkmen Central Asian weaving groups.

Chanteh are personal bags, folded in half, usually with identical or near identical designs seen on either side.  Woven by women for their personal use, they are more commonly associated with the tribal groups from SE Persia than those of NE Persia or Afghanistan.

The condition is ok, there is a small slit in the field (visible in the lower half of the chanteh in the overall photo), and slightly eroded kilim ends at either end.  The colors are all derived from natural dyes and of a good quality.

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole