Uzbek Flat Weave, Central Asia, 19th Century, 3’8” x 2’7”

An extremely fine weaving with the handle of a piece of cloth.  Often dealers will resort to such hyperbole when describing a pile weaving, but this actually IS like a piece of fine cloth. 

The colors are absolutely lovely with a beautiful clear lemon yellow, a clear madder red, blue, blue/green and a lovely apricot dye.  These colors, if seen in a pile weaving from the same region, would be used to argue about the great age of the weaving. 

While it is difficult to determine the age of these things, I do know this is as old a flatweave as I have seen come out of Central Asia.  The sparse iconography, some of which depict mythical dragons and other unfamiliar (to me) designs as well as the inclusion of one anthropomorphic figure (a male image).  This is a class weaving, probably used as a “bokche”, a bag foled to wrap up personal items.

 The condition is excellent, no holes or repairs, and the colors are all derived from natural dyes.

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole