Yomud Turkmen “Bokche”, Central Asia, 19th Century, 1’1” x 1’1”


An extremely old and unusual example of Turkmen embroidery. .  Once a “bokche” (a small personal bag used by women for valuables, ie. jewelery), it is extremely rare to find these textiles.   Never intended for sale anywhere at anytime, it was only with the disintegration of the Soviet Union that the market ever saw these textiles.

The design in the field is unusual, one that I have not previously encountered. The elements found in the border are quite nice and are sometimes used as tertiary  elements in pile weavings. 

The colors are all derived from natural dyes and the condition is ok, there are some small moth holes in the red ground cloth of the border but the embroidery itself is intact.

For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole