Articles on Persian Tribal Rugs and Weavings

Some Salt Bags from Kerman Province
by John T. Wertime

The Zagros range of western and southwestern Persia, locus of the nomadic pastoralism of such groups as the Lors and Bakhtiyaris and the Qashqa'i and Khamseh Confederations, extends through Kerman Province in the southeastern quadrant of Persia. There, too, nomadic pastoralists have taken advantage of changes in elevations by moving their livestock from lowland winter pastures to highland summer pastures, making camps in their mobile black goat hair more

The Weavings of the Lors and Bakhtiyaris: A Fifteen Year Retrospective by John T. Wertime

The opportunities to learn about and collect tribal weaving that existed in Persia and especially its capital, Tehran in the late 1960s and early 1970s were as exhilarating as they were unparalleled. A strong international demand for tribal material brought dealers and collectors from far and wide into a fast moving market that was cordial to the outsider and congenial to doing business. This situation led to the tapping of tribal groups still in possession of large quantities of authentic indigenous more

Themes in Afshar Weaving - An Exhibition at Adraskand
by Murray Eiland

Over the years I have had a number of occasions to review exhibitions at the Adraskand Gallery, now moved from Point Reyes to San Anselmo in California's Marin County, and have never come away disappointed. The focus of these shows has always been on those aspects of Oriental rugs I might describe as "artistic quality," in which vibrant color, excellence of design, and rarity are often given greater attention than mere condition. This is not to say that the rugs are generally past their prime, but Adraskand is one of the rare galleries that will accord respect to a worn rug if it is in other ways superior. In addition the pieces on display are treated to a kind of creative labeling that I have found more stimulating than annoying, although I am often in disagreement with the exact attributions. read more......

Posted October 11, 2005

Diamonds in the Pile
by Mark Hopkins

I never gave them much serious thought until the day a respected rug dealer I knew made a wry face and said, "Why are you collecting those things?" Had I, I began wondering, made a serious mistake?

In those days they were just called Kurd bagfaces, or "diamond doormats." People didn't pay much attention to the occasional book that attributed them to a tribal group called Jaf Kurds. They weren't important enough; nobody really cared. read more......

Posted November 29, 2005

Bird Rugs of Persia
by James Opie

The tastes and preferences of rug collectors have changed remarkably in the course of this century, and even within the past l0 years. One of the most obvious of these changes is a growing interest in tribal rugs. I italicize the word because it is one that is used widely and often but which is not well defined. We would all agree that the rugged life of nomadic herdsmen who move their tents over 100 times a year is truly tribal. read more.....

Posted July 1, 2007 NEW !!

John Collins - An Exhibition Review
by Thomas Baker

The grapevine started to buzz before the holidays. From Washington, Omaha, Los Angeles, Houston, and Pittsburgh, I got the word: John Collins is hanging another show. His seventh, this was entitled "Mostly Afshar... An Exhibition and Sale of Small South Persian Weavings." As I had not seen John's new gallery in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and since the show dates conveniently coincided with the Skinner auction in Bolton, there was no question that I would attend.  Stopping first at the Skinner preview, I heard nothing but unqualified praise for John's efforts. In truth, this hardly comes as a surprise. Beginning in 1977, Collins was one of the first people to explore in depth this group of tribal rugs, his interest has not waned, and today he is probably one of the most knowledgeable individuals in this field. I could hardly wait to get to Newburyport. read more...

Posted September 3, 2007 NEW !!

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