About Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole has been involved with the visual arts for almost 40 years, and is known as a keen observer of, and insightful writer about, antique textile art from Central Asia.   Having lived in Asia for nearly 20 years, the experiences he gained in situ served as the foundation for perspectives he has shared in numerous articles for a London based publication, in addition to three books.  But he is best known among his peers as having a “good eye” for textile art.

Transferring his visual sensibilities to the art of photography was a natural progression of events when, nine years ago, he decided to return to India and re-examine that fascinating culture through more mature and better educated eyes. Residents of India as well as expatriate travellers have acknowledged his ability to identify and portray salient details of life on the subcontinent in beautiful photographs.

Born in Illinois and impressed at an early age with Mark Twain and his tales of boyhood and coming of age, Cole’s return to heartland of America represents a full circle. As a homeowner with his daughter in the 7th Ward, his eyes and lens focus on the details of New Orleans, tirelessly walking the city with a camera in hand. As with his images of India, he has eschewed “the spectacle and splendor” for which the city is renowned, but instead revels in the beauty evident in almost everything we all take for granted or, too often, completely overlook.   

From the far-flung corners of Central Asia to the banks of the Mississippi River and New Orleans, it has been a long circuitous journey, resulting in a visually rich perspective to be shared with others.