My writings were first published in Oriental Rug Review in 1989 while I was still living in Kathmandu, Nepal. Soon afterwards, Arts of Asia published an article of mine about Tibetan rugs. But HALI, for which I have been a contributing editor for more than a decade, has provided an enduring forum for my musings and observations on rugs, the rug world and traveling in the source countries. Over the years I have been invited to speak on various subjects, including Tibetan, Chinese,and Baluch weavings, at ACOR and ICOC conferences and at the Washington Textile Museum Rug Convention, as well as at US rug and textile societies, including The San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society (SFBARS), the Colorado Textile Group (CTG) and the Washington Textile Group/International Hajji Baba Society.

Additionally I have reproduced some material of Arminius Vambery who travelled in Central Asia in the 1860s, illustrating it with old photographs and etchings, and plan to use excerpts from medieval adventurers Marco Polo and William of Rubruck, as well as other 19th century travellers Edmond O'Donovan and others which will be of interest to those who wish to learn a bit more about these far off places.

Includes my HALI material as well as excerpts from some historical travelogue writings ie., A. Vambery and others. Includes HALI articles as well as material written by others for ORR and elsewhere including Dr Wegner & R. Pittenger Includes HALI articles on Tibetan and Chinese rugs as well as relevant material of others incl.. Dr. Murray Eiland and John Bellezza. Includes Outback Afshars and material from ORR written by John Wertime
Includes articles on Turkmen rugs as well as Turkmen tribal history and the design pool
Includes interesting articles from various publicatons incl. Dr. Murray Eiland from ORR & John Bellezza among others.

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