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I have often heard newcomers complain that it is expensive, but if one is truly interested in learning more about carpet, textile and Islamic art, with the possibility that, some day, one might start collecting and buy antique carpets or textiles either at auction or from a dealer, there is no better way to learn about these things at an AFFORDABLE price.

Making a mistake in the art marketplace of today is often an expensive event. Why not first invest in the world's premier resource for information, with auction previews AND reviews as well as articles written by an array of internationally recognized scholars and knowledgeable, experienced experts!

Recently people occasionally complain that "there is nothing to read" in HALI for the serious collectors of Central Asian and Turkmen pile weavings. But, for example, everyone must realize that an article about dragon designs in ancient Chinese weavings DOES have something to do with the design pool of Central Asian rugs. Even if an article is not necessarily directly relevant to your specific interest, there is always information about various aspects of design symbolism, techniques and cross cultural references that ARE relevant. To sum it up, there is ALWAYS something to read and learn in the pages of HALI, one has only to actually spend the time to read what is there.

An investment in HALI itself also has an upside potential, as back issues often increase in value and are sometimes completely unavailable, making them an exceptionally valuable commodity in their own right.


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